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Mr.Sanivarapu Konda Reddy(SKR) M.B.A., London
Chairman & Managing Director

Chairman Message

Targets must be tough and challengeable thoughts must be pure and positive to make the life meaningful and successful.Dear All, The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to importing bookish knowledge only but inculcate humanitarian values like, wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in a student.It is for this reason that i forayed into this field before 3 years ago. I believe in holistic education for a child, encompassing academics co curricular activities, sports education and life skills learning.

Our endeavour is to strike a balance between state of the art infrastructure and an internationally acceptable education.Today I see thousands of hands supporting my dreams. I feel pleasure to thank hundreds of parents, for their trust worthy support in this academic year. A long journey sarts with the first step having belief and conviction in my dreams I set out on an exhilarating journey to make a difference to the lives of our children.Needless to mention once again,thus institute for us is not only a school but its a dream, a pride, a mission and a commitment. I expect the continued support of all of you; lets join hands in making it a big success.