Our Facailities

SDR E.M HIGH SCHOOL 11-acre campus includes fields and as well as academic buildings, dormitories, Health Centre, Dining hall, Spacious grounds includes courts of all games, swimming pool, and Staff Quarters

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Residential Facilities

We have top of the line residential facilities. Every student has adequate floor space with modern furnishing. The design gives each child a sense of privacy beautifully woven into the spirit of community life. Each residential block contains rooms that are spacious, well lit and well ventilated. Open air sit-out, common rooms and study areas are provided with each block. The staff quarters are attached to the hostels in a way which encourages teacher - student interaction and supervision without encroaching upon any body's privacy.

Dining Hall

The dining hall meets the high standards for hospitality in terms of space, equipment and all other facilities. The design lends itself to create a welcoming ambience and encourages social interaction.

Sports Facilities

The school has provided ample space, equipment and infrastructure for a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. The focus of the curriculum is on achieving excellence, joy of participation, recreation and overall physical fitness.

Transport Facilities

The school offers safe and secured transportation facility for all its students and faculty members in and around Nandyal. The school buses are equipped with Speed governors, first-aid kit,fire-extinguisher and an escort. Emergency contact numbers are displayed in all our buses. We would soon equip our buses with GPS systems

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